This is Kelebek Holistic Therapies.

Holistic therapies for anyone who looks for peace and mindful relaxation.

My name is Kezia and I began studying holistic therapy alongside raising my son and found a true passion for Holistics and so continued to feed my love of learning with a multitude of therapies. With just a lot of passion for natural healing, an awful lot of determination and a vision board it finally became the idyllic hideaway it is today. My daughter arrived at the same time the salon did, so whilst dealing with a new-born I was also making teas and coffees for various individuals helping to make Kelebek Holistic Therapies happen.

In 2005 I was lucky enough to have a little boy. The labour was long and intense as he was two months premature. It was decided that drugs maybe of harm to the baby so I used relaxation and breathing techniques to deliver my son. This reaffirmed my belief in natural pain relief and alternative treatments to drug therapy.
In 2007 I trained as a Holistic Therapist at Leicester College, qualifying in Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

I went on to train in Hopi Ear Candles, Hot Stone, Pregnancy Massage and was attuned in Reiki. Alongside my holistic work I also received a certificate in Health and Fitness, covering exercise and health, nutrition and weight/ stress management.
At this point I joined the leading governing body within the U.K. the Federation of Holistic Therapies.
A little bit about me and why I enjoy what I do so much:

I grew up in Cambridge and gained A-levels in English, Theatre as well as Psychology. I graduated from De Montford University in 2002 with a 2.1 Honours degree in Theatre. During my three years at university I looked at the human bodies’ natural rhythms and the many guises people use to portray and disguise both emotions and feelings. After my degree I went on to fulfil roles in positions where I would be able to enhance people’s lives as well as allowing my creative and sensual sides to come to the forefront. I worked in events and festivals with people of all ages and backgrounds. My interest in the diverse and varied culture of Leicester enticed me into a course on multi-culturalism and later on a counselling course. Continuing down the route of studying and learning about communication with others I have also gained British Sign Language qualifications levels 1 and 2.

After I had my son I went on to do a lot of voluntary work including developing and facilitating a parenting programme which allowed carers to share their opinions and thoughts. After this I went on to facilitate several parenting courses with a variety of parents from different cultures and backgrounds as well as courses for vulnerable groups of people in attempts to improve their lives.

Through these experiences I gained an interest in how touch/contact could not only benefit people’s health but also their mental well-being. They also complemented and enriched my work as my Mediterranean roots when providing treatments. My brother and I were taught to walk across my Father’s back and give massage from a very young age (we were then bribed to do so when we were slightly older). I hope that this has added to what I like to believe is a natural healing talent.
I have been working as a parenting group facilitator and holistic therapist for just over 10 years and each day I learn new things from the wonderful people I meet. Through my life experiences and listening to many knowledgeable “teachers” I hope I can aid people to come to a positive balance both physically and mentally.


• Level 3 Diploma in Health and Safety and Security and Employment Standards (VTCT)
• Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Therapy (VTCT) which incorporates Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage and Reflexology
• CPD points rewarded for Seminar Attendance for Reinforced Reflexology
• CPD points rewarded for Seminar Attendance for Reading the Feet
• CPD points rewarded for Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Seminar
• Practitioners Diploma in Advanced Deep Tissue Message
• Warm Bamboo Massage Practitioners Diploma
• Oriental Face Massage Practitioners Diploma
• Hot Stone Therapy Practitioners Diploma
• Practitioners Certificate for Pregnancy Massage
• Hopi Ear Candling Certificate
• First Degree of Usui System of Natural Healing
• Get Fit for Life Introduction Award in Health and Fitness
• Basic Counselling

Membership in Organizations/Associations
• Member of the governing body of holistic therapy quality standards- Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT)

Other Qualifications/Degrees
• Instruction Certification- Parent Facilitator in the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Parents Programme- Leicester City Council
• 2.1. B.A. Hons Contemporary Theatre- De Montfort University