Hopi Ear Candles

Where did it come from and what it is?

It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially probably for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis.

Hopi Ear Candles have been used as far afield as Asia, the Siberian prairies, but most notably native America. They were especially, as the name suggests, made use of by the Hopi Indians. They were used to achieve both therapeutic and spiritual effects, traditionally by the Shamen healers. Ancient wall paintings (such as those found within the caves of the Grand Canyon) show the importance of earcandling in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies. However, the traditional Native American Ear Candles differ from those used in modern Western Hopi Ear Candle Treatments. This is because the actual ‘candles’ used in modern therapeutic treatments are cylindrical rather than cone shaped. This is purely a safety feature as it ensures that no sharp points can be inserted into client’s ears! The Native American’s also used to include different herbs in their cone-shaped candles, I presume, similar to how they are used in Aromatherapy. The modern candles still use natural products (sage, beeswax and linen).

Hopi ear candling can be used to help:
—Tinitus, compact ear wax, glue ear
—Sore throats
—Catarrh and asthma
—Regulation of pressure in ears and head
—Hay Fever
—Stimulation of lymphatic system and metabolism
—Relaxation in conditions of anxiety and stress
—Headaches and Migraines.
—Rhinitis and sinusitis
—Stimulation of energy flow

The Treatment

The client lays on the couch, head tilted to one side and the lit ear candle is placed in the ear. Only a tiny portion of the candle goes into the ear. The smoke from the candle gently drifts into the client’s ear rhythmically “drumming” in the ear canal. The heat from the candle can help aid the loosening of the wax and the tube of the candle works like a chimney drawing the excess wax up in to it’s chamber. Please note there is a small plastic divider so that ash etc doesn’t go into the ear. Also the therapist has their hand placed between you and the candle at all times.

The candle burn time varies. During the candle burning the therapist will help the sinus’ to eliminate toxins by touching the relevant areas on the face. The ear candle is removed and extinguished and then the other ear is done in the same manner. Many clients have come for this treatment for the relief of sinus conditions, migraines (to name but a few) and found the treatment so relaxing and balancing they have come for more treatments!


Hopi Ear Candles

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