Oriental Face Massage

Where did it come from and what it is?

Oriental Face Massage is, as the name suggest, a facial massage combining techniques from the Orient as well as some other beneficial rejuvenating movements such as:

• Indian Face Massage. Many Indian families use these techniques as part of their daily routine. Using repetitive finger movement help the skins elasticity and work on the underlying facial muscles. This technique helps to remove toxins built up in the face and head and also helps calm the nervous system, helping to minimise fine lines and reduce wrinkles. It is deeply relaxing as well as rejuvenating.

• Japanese Face Massage. Amna and Acupressure points help to bring the bodies meridians back in to balance. We work on both the deep and superficial face muscles. Not only does it improve the skins appearance but it helps reduce the development of wrinkles.

• Chinese Face Massage. The Chinese discovered that pressing certain acupressure points helped to increase the blood flow, thus increasing the oxygen supply to the face. This tension release helps tighten sagging skin and smooth lines.

• Tibetan Face Massage. This works on the eyes and upper face. This slow and meditative movement works on the meridians and is designed to restore balance and promote well being. Influences for the Tibetan face massage are drawn from both Ayurvedic techniques as well as much older shamanic philosophy.

This Natural face lift Massage can help boost the efficiency of the lymphatic system and so help remove toxins. It relieves tension built up in head, shoulders, neck and face and helps fresh oxygen and nutrients to flow more freely. In turn this allows the skin to become more radiant. This release of tension can help alleviate headaches, sinus problems and anxiety. As the circulation is improved as will the appearance of the skin and hair over a period of time. Face massage helps shed dead skin allowing the skin underneath to breath. Scalp massage, like with Indian Head Massage, boosts sebum production making the hair healthier and softer.

Psychologically the Oriental Face Massage gives you time to unwind and valuable “you time” alongside helping to promote deeper breathing. This therapy works on both a physical and psychological level simultaneously so, the client can feel both relief from stiff muscles and tension alongside a sense of calm and well being.

The Treatment

As with all treatments an initial consultation is held, at which time we can discuss the use of essential oils according to the skin type or wanted outcome. The client is laid down on their back, ideally all make up is removed prior to the treatment, but can be wiped off if necessary. The client is covered with a warm blanket leaving the shoulders and neck area clear to be worked on. The therapist initially lifts the shoulders to loosen pent up tension and then moves on to deep breathing and neck and shoulder massage. From then on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders are worked on using the Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan techniques. This combination of ancient and modern facial massage is a fabulous way to naturally improve the appearance without any unnatural intervention.

Oriental face Massage is known as “The Natural Face Lift”

The treatment is 45mins long


Oriental Face Massage (45 minutes)

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