Mum-to-be Massage

Where did it come from and what it is?

Massage in pregnancy is a very gentle type of body work therapy designed specifically for the requirements of a pregnant woman. It derives from the traditional massage therapy first used by the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Far Eastern civilisations. It is safe prenatally and also effective. By employing specifically developed techniques we can ease the discomfort related to pregnancy such as muscle and joint discomfort, cramp, circulation problems as well as stress and insomnia. Massage during pregnancy can help contribute towards the emotional & physiological well being of both mother & “baby to be”. Pressure on the sciatic nerve from the uterus resting on the pelvic floor and lower back can cause tension in the muscles and can often result in back pain. Pregnancy massage releases this tension and lower back pain is greatly reduced. Hormonal changes benefit from pregnancy massage as the relaxation process can relieve anxiety or depression. Other than all these mental and physical benefits of the therapy, recent studies have shown that hormone regulation is also improved. Balancing hormone regulation has led to fewer complications during birth. With pregnancy Massage, we aim to stimulate muscle and circulatory function using medium pressure stroking movements. This method reduces the swelling (known as oedema)”swollen ankle” caused by poor circulation and pressure on blood vessels from the heavy uterus. By increasing the bloods circulation, the oxygen and nutrients present in blood cells also benefit both mother and foetus. 

Post-natal massage aims to restore the elasticity of stretched skin and muscles to their pre-pregnancy state while also helping to aid relaxation and increase energy levels. 

The Treatment

The pregnancy massage uses a mixture or the Swedish and Aromatherapy massage techniques as well as some specifically created for the “mum to be.” The treatment is performed with mum laying on one side and then on the other. Towels are placed around to make the lady more comfortable. We have a towel under the bump and under one knee allowing a technique to possibly ease sciatic pain to take place. We work on the legs, feet, arms, top of the chest, back and head. Lymphatic drainage movement is used to help relieve swollen ankles. The massage is 1 hour and 15minutes. This can be extended for toilet breaks and time to turn over (as I know when I had my bump it would take me a little time to move about). We do not massage the tummy as often many people have been grabbing bump already and also, I found, it is the other bits that are sore as a result of the bump rather than bump it’s self!!!


Pregnancy Massage (1 hour 15 minutes)