Mum-to-be Massage

Pregnancy Massage

The pregnancy massage uses a mixture or the Swedish and Aromatherapy massage techniques as well as some specifically created for the “mum to be.”

Massage in pregnancy is a very gentle type of body work therapy designed specifically for the requirements of a pregnant woman. It is safe prenatally and also effective. By employing specifically developed techniques we can ease the discomfort related to pregnancy.

Balancing hormone regulation has led to fewer complications during birth. With pregnancy Massage, we aim to stimulate muscle and circulatory function using medium pressure stroking movements. This method reduces swelling (oedema) caused by poor circulation and pressure on blood vessels. By increasing the bloods circulation, the oxygen and nutrients present in blood cells also benefit both mother and foetus.

– Relief of muscle and joint discomfort
– Helps with cramp and circulation problems
– Relief of stress and insomnia.
– Aids the emotional and physiological well-being of both mother and “baby to be”
– Releases tension so lower back pain is reduced.
– Relieves anxiety and depression.
– Hormone regulation is improved.

Pregnancy Massage (75 minutes)