Swedish Massage

Where did it come from and what it is?

Swedish Massage is often refered to as classic Massage and is the oldest form of physical medicine known to man. It can be traced back to early Chinese medical manuscripts (around 400BC) and was advocated by Hippocrates ‘the Father of medicine.’ During Roman times there had been many records of the use of massage to relieve muscular and neural conditions. Swedish massage is considered to be among the most basic methods. It was developed by Ling in Sweden in the 1700s. Swedish massage is geared towards detoxification by increasing the blood flow to help eliminate waste and bring fresh oxygenated blood to the area being massaged. Swedish massage brings an immense feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Most of us experience stress in varying levels on a day-to-day basis. It is not good for the health as it makes our muscles tense and can cause pain. It, also, makes the bodies organs function under duress. That is never a good thing. Massage is meant to alleviate pain and enhance the body’s health.

The Treatment

Swedish Massage works on front of legs, arms, stomach, chest then back of legs and ends with the back. This is the final part to be treated as it is probable that the muscles of the back will be relaxed by this point allowing for deeper tissue massage. The treatment is 1hour and 15mins.

There are six techniques used in administering Swedish massage. These techniques are the following:

1. Effleurage. Effleurage is the technique most people associate with massage in general and Swedish massage in particular. In doing effleurage makes use of long and sweeping strokes.

2. Friction. Heat makes the muscles relax and friction is used to make the area to be treated warm up, by rubbing the palms of the hands vigorously on the surface of the client’s skin.

3. Petrissage. Petrissage involves kneading and squeezing the muscles of the body muscles allowing deeper and more penetrating effects of massage.

4. Tapottement. Tapottement are strokes that aim to energize the area of the body targeted. This is done by chopping with the sides of the hands. It can also be done by hitting the area being treated rhythmically with cupped or fisted hands. Tapottement energizes the area being treated, yet at the same time making it loosened and relaxed.

5. Traction. Traction involves stretching the arms and legs of the client.

6. Vibration. The vibration technique is used to shake up the area of the client’s body being treated using the finger tips.


Swedish Full Body Massage (1 hour 15 minutes)

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage (45 minutes)

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